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I'm from Chico, CA, and I'm a sophomore at UC Berkeley intending to double major in philosophy and astrophysics. I currently serve as Public Relations Manager for the Berkeley Atheists & Skeptics Society. Philosophically, I am most interested in epistemology, philosophy of science, ethics, and political philosophy. In my spare time I like to indulge in classic literature, Baroque and Classical music, early modern history, antiquarian scientific and political books, and classic and neotraditional country music. :)

“Agora”: The atheist’s “Passion of the Christ”

A few days ago a friend of mine introduced me to a film he cleverly describes as “the atheist’s Passion of the Christ” – Agora. This Spanish-made 2009 film tells the story of Hypatia, the great philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer who researched … Continue reading

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How I Became an Atheist: Umran Haji

I was raised in a Muslim family. I was never a particularly “good” or devout Muslim and I rarely practiced Islam, but I more or less espoused a belief in God and the tenets of the religion, and generally used … Continue reading

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